[Oberon] LolaCreator: a Lola-2 IDE based on Qt Creator

rochus.keller at bluewin.ch rochus.keller at bluewin.ch
Fri Mar 22 12:49:40 CET 2019

@  Walter Gallegos

> why, as Lola is a vendor independent tool, do not export EDIF ?
Unfortunately EDIF is not vendor independent at all. For one part the versions of EDIF differ considerably, and for the other part most vendors still use their specific idioms of EDIF-2. I bought the EIA-548 Electronic Design Interchange Format EDIF Version 200 standard some time ago; it has about 500 pages and is still extremely underspecified. No doubt it could be used as an intermediate language (e.g. instead of Yosys RTLIR or a primitive subset of Verilog), but it would be very unlikely that the file could be used by any other tools than the targeted EDIF reader without dedicated EDIF to EDIF translators. That's why more tools use Verilog as an intermediate language than EDIF. FIRRTL would be yet another vendor independent candidate. 


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