[Oberon] Unreferenced/unused code in Project Oberon 2013

Jörg Straube joerg.straube at iaeth.ch
Sun Apr 28 01:35:16 CEST 2019


I would not have done some of your changes.
Just to give you some examples why it is as it is:

- FileDir: With your changes it will be difficult to write a module to repair disks, as all important fields are now hidden

- Display: By deleting the main dispatch handler Handle() it gets more difficult to code own new window managers.
By deleting Base, it’s not possible anymore to write a generic procedure to copy frame content to memory. With other resolutions, Base might change but the copy procedure could be left untouched.

-Kernel: It’s not wise to delete StackSize. If you want to improve, rather use StackSize in Modules instead of using a constant there.

-Modules: by hiding important parameters of a module, writing a debugger gets more difficult.


> Am 27.04.2019 um 22:42 schrieb Michael Schierl <schierlm at gmx.de>:
> Hello,
> I used some scripts to identify unreferenced code (after stumbling upon
> some unused variables in TextFrames), and was surprised how much code I
> could remove without affecting the system at all... (I also removed
> System.ExtendDisplay, as that one is of no use in Project Oberon, but
> apart from that I tried not to remove any command procedures.)
> Does anyone know if that code is there to be useful in the future, or
> did Prof. Wirth just not yet find the time to finish his software
> (which, if I recall correctly, is not finished when there is nothing
> left to add, but nothing left to take away)?
> Here is a diff:
> https://github.com/schierlm/OberonXref/blob/remove-unreferenced-code/remove-unreferenced-code.patch
> And here is a side-to-side view:
> https://github.com/schierlm/OberonXref/commit/e49dddb57d076ef6a256496949d15a143c0e017d
> Regards,
> Michael
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