[Oberon] Oberon on ULX3S

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Mon Apr 29 01:37:09 CEST 2019


this is great. I voted for your board on Hackaday. Thank you for posting!

Looking at the board I can see an HDMI connector, but it is labeled GPDI. Could you briefly explain how is GPDI different from HDMI and why? Google did not help.

I also wonder why you chose to use SDRAM rather than the more modern DDRx. 

Do you have an idea of non-determinism incurred on the Oberon System by the cache which is necessary when using any kind of SDRAM? 

Deterministic response was my motivation for using ZBT with the RiskFive project. The price for determinism was a relatively small size of the RAM (only 4 MB) and substantial cost (about $12 per megabyte). The performance is superb, but the cost is high and the capacity is low. I was always tempted to make an SDRAM board and always repelled by the firmware effort. It is great that you are covering this area. The FPGA versions of System 3 or Linz V4 now both become feasible.

Thank you,

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For long time we are working on ULX3S FPGA board.

And a few days ago we got Oberon on ULX3S

Most of the work was done before by Valentin Angelovski for his fleaFPGA board!

EMARD just adjusted few things needed for Oberon to work on our board...
EMARD is still trying to get keyboard and mouse working...

We are currently in process of ordering next batch of boards so if there is interest just drop me a mail to ulx3s.fpga at gmail.com
Radiona is just producing 85F boards with 64Mb SDRAM and ESP32 onboard.
But Oberon works on 12F boards that we have available almost all the time.
And for the last I have submitted this board to hackady prize so if you are there give us a like. 
We are currently at 3. place!




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