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Goran Mahovlić goran.mahovlic at gmail.com
Sat May 4 12:40:44 CEST 2019

Thanks for the votes!

Really sorry did not have time for answers....

To answer some question:
HDMI is proprietary so we cannot call it like that.
If you connect our GPDI to HDMI monitor you will get picture ;)
Here is author EMARD talking about board and he noted this...

EMARD chose SDRAM because it was already supported on lots of retro
consoles, and at the time of creating board there was not open source DDR3
driver, so it would be hard to start with the board.
And it would be really hard to rewrite all nice stuff already existing.
I do not think EMARD needed to change something with cache, all hard work
was done by Valentin Angelovski.

12F and 85F is size FPGA
it is 12K(actually this can be 24) and 84K of LUT
Price is mostly defined by batch size and FPGA we put on board.

We currently doing only small batches so:
Current price for 12F with 32Mb of SDRAM is 75Eur + shipping
Planned price for 85F with ESP32 and 64Mb of SDRAM will be around 120Eur

And hope price will drop on each batch (on starting batches there is many
things that could go wrong so we need to calculate on that).

At some point we could do low price version without without features we are
offering (RTC, ADC, ESP32)
But so far no one wants that cutout versions :)


On Sun, Apr 28, 2019 at 5:40 PM Goran Mahovlić <goran.mahovlic at gmail.com>

> Hi to all,
> For long time we are working on ULX3S FPGA board.
> http://radiona.org/ulx3s/
> And a few days ago we got Oberon on ULX3S
> https://twitter.com/GMahovlic/status/1122089514070171648
> Most of the work was done before by Valentin Angelovskifor his fleaFPGA
> board!
> EMARD just adjusted few things needed for Oberon to work on our board...
> EMARD is still trying to get keyboard and mouse working...
> We are currently in process of ordering next batch of boards so if there
> is interest just drop me a mail to ulx3s.fpga at gmail.com
> Radiona is just producing 85F boards with 64Mb SDRAM and ESP32 onboard.
> But Oberon works on 12F boards that we have available almost all the time.
> And for the last I have submitted this board to hackady prize so if you
> are there give us a like.
> We are currently at 3. place!
> https://hackaday.io/project/159108-ulx3s-powerful-ecp5-board-for-open-source-fpga
> Goran,
> Radiona
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