[Oberon] ORX.WriteFile

Jörg joerg.straube at iaeth.ch
Mon Oct 14 06:16:02 CEST 2019


So far, I only detected one issue with Linz Oberon:
Linz Oberon generates temporary files where the "Windows uptime" is used to make the temp file name unique.
If your Windows is up and running for more than 24.8 days, the filename routine has a bug, the temp file cannot be generated, Linz Oberon stops working.

In short: boot your PC before using Linz Oberon. Restart won't work.

I ported NW's compiler to LinzOberon quite some time back. I would have to port over the latest ProjectOberon source again.
I will see whether I can make my ISO module available. You know there is quite a difference of making something work for me quick and dirty and make it work for others as well with documentation etc.


Am 14.10.19, 02:01 schrieb "Oberon im Auftrag von Skulski, Wojciech" <oberon-bounces at lists.inf.ethz.ch im Auftrag von skulski at pas.rochester.edu>:

    > As build environment I use the Oberon-07 emulator on the Mac.
    I use Windows. I am typing this on Windows XP. My W10 laptop is sleeping nearby.  
    > I also ported the Oberon-07 compiler to Linz Oberon on Windows 10 as cross compiler. 
    This is very interesting. Is your port available? I have LinzV4 on both Windows XP, W7, and W10. Linz V4 seems to have some problems on higher Windows, but I have not seen a pattern yet.
    It would be nice to use BlackBox for the cross environment. It is more friendly, though less kosher.
    > In this environment I use my command ISO.CopyTo to copy files to an Oberon. img file.
    > With my module ISO.Mod I get rid of the serial file transfer between Windows and Oberon-07
    > With the command CopyFrom I can copy from Oberon-07 to Windows.
    Very interesting. I would love to use your tools. I will pursue a few steps with RiskFive before designing a successor board.
    > You could do the same for A2 but I did not do it so far.
    No A2 in my plans.
    Thank you,
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