[Oberon] ORX.WriteFile

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Mon Oct 14 02:01:17 CEST 2019


> As build environment I use the Oberon-07 emulator on the Mac.

I use Windows. I am typing this on Windows XP. My W10 laptop is sleeping nearby.  

> I also ported the Oberon-07 compiler to Linz Oberon on Windows 10 as cross compiler. 

This is very interesting. Is your port available? I have LinzV4 on both Windows XP, W7, and W10. Linz V4 seems to have some problems on higher Windows, but I have not seen a pattern yet.

It would be nice to use BlackBox for the cross environment. It is more friendly, though less kosher.

> In this environment I use my command ISO.CopyTo to copy files to an Oberon. img file.
> With my module ISO.Mod I get rid of the serial file transfer between Windows and Oberon-07
> With the command CopyFrom I can copy from Oberon-07 to Windows.

Very interesting. I would love to use your tools. I will pursue a few steps with RiskFive before designing a successor board.

> You could do the same for A2 but I did not do it so far.

No A2 in my plans.

Thank you,

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