[Oberon] ETH (Active) Oberon Language Report 2019

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Just for clarification:
This language report http://cas.inf.ethz.ch/projects/a2/repository/raw/trunk/LanguageReport/OberonLanguageReport.pdf
defines "Active Oberon". This is a "dialect" of Oberon.
Although all languages are called Oberon, they define not the same language (have different compilers)
- Oberon
- Oberon-2
- Active Oberon
- Oberon-07
are all different languages.

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ETH (Active) Oberon Language Report

Added by Felix Friedrich about 1 month ago

Although it is work in progress, we have decided to publish the current state of the ETH Oberon Language Report together with the tools in the A2/Oberon repository.

It can be found here: export:/trunk/LanguageReport/OberonLanguageReport.pdf

(We moved the comments into the forum: ETH (Active) Oberon Language Report) »

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