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Wed Mar 4 06:07:48 CET 2020

 I have been reading on the site that selfie's main author Christoph Kirsch
has worked with Marco Sanvido on a Helicopter project, who in turn has
worked with Niklaus Wirth in the Helicopter project with an Oberon compiler
for StrongARM, a precursor to Oberon-07 for RISC5.
Some articles referenced by Selfie's author are:

N. Wirth. A Computer System for Model Helicopter Flight Control; Technical
Memo 6: The Oberon Compiler for the StrongARM Processor. Technical Report
314, Institute for ComputerSystems, ETH Zürich, 1999.
N. Wirth and J. Gutknecht.Projekt Oberon: The Design of an Operating System
and Compiler.ACM Press, 1992.
Niklaus Wirth. 1996. Compiler Construction. Addison Wesley.
Niklaus Wirth. 1973. Systematic Programming: An Introduction. Pren-tice
Niklaus Wirth. 1976. Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs. PrenticeHall.
WIRTH, N.   1977.   Toward a discipline of real-time programming. Comm. ACM
20, 577–583.
WIRTH, N.   1996.   Tasks versus threads: An alternative multiprocessing
paradigm.Software: Concepts Tools 17, 6–12.
M.A.A. Sanvido. A computer system for model helicopter flight control;
technical memo nr. 3: The software core. Technical Report 317, ETH Zurich,
Institute for Computer Systems, 1999.

And finally his work with Sanvido:
KIRSCH, C., SANVIDO, M., HENZINGER,T., AND PREE, W. 2002. A Giotto-based
helicopter control system. In Proceedings of the International Workshop on
Embedded Software. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 2491, Springer,

A good chain of events by the way.

Best regards,
Prof. Pablo Cayuela

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> http://selfie.cs.uni-salzburg.at/
> The inspiration of this system -- remarkable in itself -- may be of
> interest. It's mentioned at the bottom of the main page.
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