[Oberon] Revision of a Text vs. update of display in a Gadget.

peter at easthope.ca peter at easthope.ca
Sat Mar 7 18:27:00 CET 2020


Observation in A2O.
A Text can be revised by applying a buffer. Eg.: Texts.Replace(T, 
pos0, end, buffer). If T is displayed in a simple viewer, the display 
is updated without further intervention.  

Observation in a Gadgets viewer.
In some cases update of the display isn't completely automatic.  For 
example, an empty line can disappear.  Scrolling produces the updated 
view. Eg.: scroll to the end or a subsequent part of T and then scroll 

How should display update be automated in Gadgets?  Apply 
Gadgets.Update()?  How can it be applied in a Gadget but avoided in a 
simple viewer?

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