[Oberon] An Oberon-07 compiler for the ESP32

Guy T. turgu666 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 13:06:52 CET 2020

> Hi:
>   this is wonderful. Is there a chance that this project will accommodate the application code developed by Parallax for their ESP32 module? Parallax developed the WebSockets interface, micro web server, and the micro file system for the embedded flash.
> https://www.parallax.com/search?search_api_views_fulltext=32420 <https://www.parallax.com/search?search_api_views_fulltext=32420>
> Thank you,
> Wojtek
Hello Wojtek,

The Parallax module seems to be using the ESP8266, not the ESP32 (unless there is another product I’ve not seen at the URL). It’s a bit different processor. The generated code is not compatible.


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