[Oberon] Development boards

Magnus Karlsson magnus at saanlima.com
Sun May 10 19:21:08 CEST 2020

Most PCB assembly house can either do turn-key jobs (i.e. they source 
all the parts and the PCBs from your design files/BOM) or you can 
provide all the parts and they only do the assembly.
Turn-key is more expensive but then they can do the PCB the way they 
prefer (in a panel with rails etc.) .

You can quote a turn-key job be sending them the Gerber files and the 
BOM.  Before you do, I recommend checking parts availability in the BOM, 
some parts might be obsolete and have to be substituted with equivalent 
The worst case is when a part is obsolete and there is no equivalent 
substitute part, which might happen for parts like sd-card sockets, 
connectors etc that have a unique footprint.  This might require a 
layout change to accommodate  a  substitute part.

As for Saanlima Electronics, the "people" is just me running a hobby 
company on the side.
Unfortunately the interest in FPGA boards have gone way done lately, now 
days it's all about inexpensive ESP32 and RaspPi boards etc.


On 5/9/2020 11:10 PM, Tomas Kral wrote:
> On Sun, 3 May 2020 15:23:26 -0700
> Magnus Karlsson <magnus at saanlima.com> wrote:
>> FYI, Pepino board files and manufacturing data files are now
>> available on github:
> Hi Magnus,
> I consider `Pepino' a perfect design.
> While people in
> uController business may view it is an entry level Oberon System. For
> me is definitely more than that.
> I wish to explore what it can take to produce `Pepino' boards from your
> design files. I will try to get some quotes from local PCB making
> companies, I know of. However not sure if they also
> have surface mount capabilities. Is it typically one company doing it
> all, producing complete assembled boards?
> Magnus, just curious, you people at `Saanlima electronics', what are
> your plans in the future, do you foresee any new designs?
> Oberon related?
> Many thanks
> Tomas

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