[Oberon] PO2013 - SD Image Tool

Andreas Pirklbauer andreas_pirklbauer at yahoo.com
Sun May 17 08:49:36 CEST 2020

    > Not exactly. I only rarely ever update the core files that make up Modules.bin.
    > When I do I link those using software on the PC and write them directly,
    > where they belong, onto the SD card on the PC.

Got it. So your Upload essentially transfers just the *.rsc files, but not Modules.bin.

    > BTW I modified the Upload so that the files on the Workstation are given
    > the same timestamp as they have on the PC. I did consider making the
    > upload faster by comparing timestamps on the files on the PC with those
    > on the Workstation and only uploading them if they were different, but
    > didn't think the added complexity (and handling the oddball cases like
    > if you wanted to upload an earlier copy of a file) was worth the bother.
    > If the upload took five minutes and it happened more frequently that
    > would be a different story.

Interesting. I used a similar argument to NOT further speed up the build
process. If it takes only a few seconds on a simulator (or 40s on RS232
as I now know), what’s the point of sending only some, but not all *.rsc
files? The gain is just too small. Not worth bothering. The normal use
case seems to be to send all of them anyway.

As a side comment: I also have the ability to include ALL of Oberon in
a single boot file System.bin. I just call ORL.Link System and send
System.bin over the communication link. Not more *.rsc files to be
sent at all. But for that I need to increase the size of the boot area
from sectors 2-62 to sectors 2-159 to make the whole thing fit.
With that I truly have a Plug&Play Oberon.

One enhancement I will make though to my building tools: Is to
do what Jörg already does with his ISO tools, so I can create
the full image, sector by sector and write just THAT to SD. That
seems to be how most people actually build Oberon (is this true?).


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