[Oberon] Re: Names and numbers of releases.

peter at easthope.ca peter at easthope.ca
Tue Jul 14 16:16:20 CEST 2020

Hello again Nemo,

>From cym224 at gmail.com  Sun Jul 12 17:40:47 2020
> Have you ever considered adding a reference to Ulm's Oberon system 
> (http://www.mathematik.uni-ulm.de/oberon/) to your Wiki?

Now the fifth line in the table.

> Ulm Oberon consists of two components:
>  compilers for multiple platforms including some related tools and
>  Ulm Oberon Library 

Ulm Oberon is a system of devepment tools rather than an operating 
system; correct?

I found a note that in the SPARC case it requires UltraSPARC with 
Solaris. What about X86?  Linux?  Windows? What system on Sun3?

Apparently the primary documentation is in manual pages.

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