[Oberon] Names and numbers of releases.

Nemo Nusquam cym224 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 17:10:07 CEST 2020

Greetings, Peter.

On 07/14/20 10:16, peter at easthope.ca wrote:
> Hello again Nemo, From cym224 at gmail.com Sun Jul 12 17:40:47 2020
>> Have you ever considered adding a reference to Ulm's Oberon system 
>> (http://www.mathematik.uni-ulm.de/oberon/) to your Wiki? 
> Now the fifth line in the table. 
> https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Oberon#System_Variants 
> http://www.mathematik.uni-ulm.de/oberon/ulm.html states:
>> Ulm Oberon consists of two components: compilers for multiple 
>> platforms including some related tools and Ulm Oberon Library 
> Ulm Oberon is a system of devepment tools rather than an operating 
> system; correct?
Correct -- see the documentation here: 

One interesting point is that they implemented their compilers shortly 
after the first Oberon reports came out.  Thus they use the def/mod 
combination in the original reports.  When Wirth removed the definition 
part, they did not follow suit.

> I found a note that in the SPARC case it requires UltraSPARC with 
> Solaris. What about X86? Linux? Windows? What system on Sun3?
No Windows.  SunOS on the Sun 3 and Linux on x86.

> Apparently the primary documentation is in manual pages.
The man pages may be found on this page: 

> Thanks, ... Lyall E.
You are most welcome.

(On a side note, I use their Oberon and Modula-2 compilers on 
Solaris/Sparc.  Their Modula-2 compiler is PIM[234].)


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