[Oberon] BlackBox port for ARMv7 (was: Ofront+)

Oleg N. Cher allot at bk.ru
Wed Nov 4 10:41:58 CET 2020

Dear mr. Pablo,

Thank you for your kind words to the Ofront+ project.

BlackBox for ARMv7 is my quick and dirty attempt to start the BlackBox 
system under ARM machine (only 32 bits supported).

This work is based on BlackBox for Linux build by Ivan Denisov - 

on request of the ErSy (Ermakov Systima) company - https://iermakov.ru/

I have received permission to publish the source code of this port. 
Modified files are published under the GPL 3.0 license.


Unfortunately, this development can not be called too complete. Due to 
the termination of funding, I had to suspend work, and my employer 
switched their priorities to other areas.

So this is the final snapshot, brought to the launch stage. If you have 
any interest in this project or questions, feel free to contact me.

I have tested it under Linux Armbian on board Orange Pi PC Plus. I think 
it can be runned under any Raspberry Pi board. You will need the CPfront 
(and a host-machine with Windows to translate BlackBox sources to C), Pi 
board (with GCC) and GTK2 developer packages installed.

The build process will look like this:

1. Download the sources from https://github.com/Oleg-N-Cher/armBox
2. Open Build/Build.odc and translate sources to C with commanders
3. Copy C files from Obj48 into your Pi board and run "make"

I may have missed something...

Pablo Cayuela пишет:
> Dear Oleg, 
> Thank you for informing us about your project. By the way it is impressive.
> I've been also checking some other project from your GitHub, Armbox.
> Could you tell us if that project works on the Raspberry Pi and what I 
> need to do in that case?
> Thank you again.
> Prof Pablo Cayuela
> Argentina
> El vie., 30 oct. 2020 0:36, Oleg N. Cher <allot at bk.ru 
> <mailto:allot at bk.ru>> escribió:
>     Dear Oberoners,
>     I'm really surprised that many people here are hearing about Online
>     Oberon for the first time. I've known about it for a long time.
>     In order to inform the public, I want to tell you about my own fork of
>     Josef Templ's project Ofront: https://github.com/jtempl/ofront/
>     Ofront+ is a direct continuation of the ideas embedded in the Ofront
>     project. But it expands number of supported Oberon dialects:
>        Oberon/Oberon-2
>        Oberon-07/16 (support is still in-work,
>                      but users need to encourage this direction)
>        Component Pascal (almost everything is supported
>                          except 2-byte CHAR type, even some GPCP extensions)
>        Oberon-3 (experimental dialect with constant arrays and "proper FOR")
>     We can also use multiple dialects in a single project.
>     Ofront+ also increases the number of available target architectures:
>        BlackBox Component Builder
>        FreeBSD amd64
>        Linux amd64
>        Linux armv7
>        Linux i386
>        OpenBSD amd64
>        OpenBSD armv7
>        OpenBSD i386
>        macOS X
>        MS Windows 32 bits
>        MS Windows 64 bits
>     Ofront+ was tested and used with C compilers:
>        GCC/MinGW, 32/64 bits
>        Clang
>        SDCC (Small Device C Compiler)
>        Tiny C (tcc)
>        cc65 (for CPU 6502)
>     The latest build of Ofront+ you can get here:
>        https://github.com/Oleg-N-Cher/OfrontPlus
>     I have been working on this for many years and try to keep the project
>     afloat all the time. It's not very documented and it's not covered by a
>     huge set of tests, but I do what I can based on my modest strength.
>     I didn't plan to go that far, I just needed to make a few changes. Then
>     I wanted to make support for Windows. Now we have the result of this
>     work. I still want to do a lot before the release of version 1.0, but
>     this is already quite stable.
>     I won't tell you very much about the differences, but users say that I
>     went too far. ;-)
>     Ofront+ comes as a subsystem for BlackBox and as command line tool
>     (Oberon-like GUI not implemented).
>     So welcome, please use, write reviews and suggestions. Also I provide
>     support for free.
>     I want to thank Josef Templ, who actively supported me and helped me
>     solve many problems.
>     I also want to thank Stewart Greenhill, who made useful improvements
>     and
>     helped fix problems, and developed his own tools for Ofront+.
>     List of differences and improvements:
>        https://github.com/Oleg-N-Cher/OfrontPlus/blob/master/Readme.txt
>     --
>       Oleg N. Cher
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   Oleg N. Cher

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