[Oberon] Has V4 got <default font> like in S3's Oberon.Text ?

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 12:32:13 CET 2020

If you bought a laptop during recent decade/s and into the forseeable
you'd be locked into the M$hit-monopolist.  A valuable capability of our
Oberon-family is the <ability to see/manipulate multiple files
on the same screen>.  Oldies suffer from short-term memory disabiity :-(
 This valuable capabilit y, which puts us in the same family-line as plan9,
was inherited from <PARC>, but is never acknowledged - AFAICS?
>From years ago, I installed V4 to have this capability under M$pook, but
can't find HOW2/IF install a big-bold default font like S3 could.
--Please advise.
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