[Tutorialcpp] Feedback Collection

Felix Friedrich felix.friedrich at inf.ethz.ch
Thu Sep 8 18:14:41 CEST 2016

Dear all,

as promised here is the collection of student feedback regarding the 
tutorial. Unfortunately (but not really unexpectedly), not all students 
have yet filled in the C++ tutorial feedback (only 3).

Not much statistics available. From the three students I "learn" that
(a) Students have no or only very little experience with programming, 
consider themselves a bit better than average with working with the 
computers and have had about 1 year of Informatik courses at schools.
(b) Parts 1 and 2 (Tutorial Overview / Expressions and Statements) of 
the tutorial were considered rather a bit too simple and between 
"boring" and "interesting but required".
(c) Parts 3 and 4 (Variables and Numeric Operators) were considered 
interesting and exactly right in difficulty.
(d) Part 5 (Control Structures) was considered very interesting and 
motivating and exactly right in difficulty.

I think we should send the feedback form also to all other students when 
we invite them to the tutorial next week (!).

Now some detailed feedbacks from the emails. This should be addressed 
before Monday:

(1) On Slide 9: We did not distinguish between an "arithmetic 
expression" and and "expression". But we ask the students to count the 
number of arithmetic expressions. I suggest to introduce something like 
this: For the purpose of this tutorial, an arithmetic expression is 
either a primary expression of number type or a composite expressions 
involving one of the operators "+", "-", "/" and "%" and operands that 
themselves are arithmetic expressions.

(2) On Slide 13: the Celsius to Fahrenheit program. We ask the students 
to look up the formula in the internet -- which I find a very good idea. 
However, they found the formula also as f = c * 1.8 + 32 and that does 
not provide the problem that we want them to observe. So, in this case 
we have to provide the formula.

(3) On Slide 12 and 20: There are some return 0 missing in the code 
examples. Please make sure that all code examples contain return 0 in 
the main function.

(4) On Slide 18: the age test is using age > 16 but indeed you are 
allowed to drink beer with 16. So it should be age >= 16 instead

(5) In the beer related tasks the word "bier" appears instead of "beer".

(6) The tutorial was not accessible via the ET homepage. This was 
intended for now but it should be accessible to the students (and, 
basically, the public with ETH access) from next week.

Please don't forget to mirror any changes in the repo. Suggestion: 
Change the original and when finished copy the text into the file and 
SVN commit.


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