[Barrelfish-users] netd and howto get files into BF/Qemu

Simon Peter speter at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Dec 14 16:36:31 CET 2011

Hi Georgios,

It essentially boils down to you calling vfs_init() before you use any 
file-related functionality. My version of the tree does this 
automatically, by declaring vfs_init() to be a GCC constructor, but that 
might not yet be in the public tree.

Hope this helps,

On 14.12.2011 16:10, Georgios Varisteas wrote:
> Thanks Pravin, that worked great.
> However now I have another problem. On fopen() I get:
> Warning: fopen() called with _libc_fopen_func unset
> I saw how vfs_init() handles that but i couldn't figure out exactly how my app should set the whole thing up correctly. Is there a tutorial somewhere I've missed? Thanks in advance.
> Best regards,
> Georgios Varisteas
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> Hi Georgios,
> I have created a page on public wiki about how to use Barrelfish
> inside qemu with networking.  I hope this will help in clearing some
> confusion about it's usage.
> http://wiki.barrelfish.org/qemu_networking
> In summary, you will have to enable "support_qemu_networking" inside
> <your_build_dir>/hake/Config.hs, and you will have to pass correct
> cardname to netd in menu.lst.
> Coming back to the output you are getting, it seems that either netd
> or your application is waiting for e1000 driver instead of rtl8029
> driver.  Currently only rtl8029 driver works with qemu.  You can
> specify the cardname for netd with boot time parameter in menu.lst.
> If driver and netd is working for you, then you should be able to get
> IP address for Barrelfish.  If you are able to get an IP address then
> it is good enough test to see if networking is up or not.   Let me
> know if you have already reached this point.
> Using NFS should work fine if you want to get some files inside
> Barrelfish running on QEMU.
> I hope this helps.  Let me know if you still have problems.
> --
> Pravin
> On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 13:20, Georgios Varisteas<yorgos at kth.se>  wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I tried using the network in qemu, but when I try to mount an nfs share BF just freezes on:
>> "chips: client waiting for e1000_CTRL"
>> while I have successfully connected through the rtl8029 card. Nothing related to e1000 is loaded.
>> I only need this in order to have simple files added to the ramfs image. Is there any other way? I only care to input files and not necessarily output. I thought of adding them to the skb archive but I was afraid that it could mess other stuff up. Ideally GRUB would do that, like with binaries, but I do not know how...
>> Best regards,
>> Georgios Varisteas
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