[Barrelfish-users] Need help in running barrelfish on SCC

Simon Peter speter at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Nov 16 11:51:37 CET 2011

>         http://www.barrelfish.org/TN-__005-SCC.pdf
> Thanks for ther reply! I am still not clear about booting barrelfish on
> more than one core. The document
> mentioned above only talks about reseting core 0 to boot barrelfish but
> doesn't mention anything about
> bootscc.sh. The section for booting on subsequent cores (section 2.5)
> only talks about telling the CPU driver
> to boot other cores but doesn't say how to do that.

The document above is correct, but a little bit too low level. The 
bootscc.sh script, which is in the tools/scc directory will do all the 
required booting steps for you (exactly those listed in the tech note).

Telling the CPU driver to boot other cores works through a commandline 
argument to spawnd, as explained in my last email. It's the standard 
process in Barrelfish to boot other cores.


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