[Barrelfish-users] Barrelfish Hello world on SCC

Stefan Kästle stefan.kaestle at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Jan 25 15:28:48 CET 2012

Hi Nil,

I assume you modified your menu.lst to start the hello program. The 
menu.lst [1] for the SCC provided in the tip version of the Barrelfish 
tree should not start the hello world program automatically.

Adding the following entry to the menu.lst would start the hello program 
on core 0 (assuming you compiled it).
module  /scc/sbin/examples/xmpl-hello core=0

If you wanted it to start on more cores, you could add several lines, 
such as:
module  /scc/sbin/examples/xmpl-hello core=0
module  /scc/sbin/examples/xmpl-hello core=1
module  /scc/sbin/examples/xmpl-hello core=2

If you omit the paramter core=, the program is started on the core 0.

Hope this helps,

[1] see http://hg.barrelfish.org/file/8c906f8f22fb/hake/menu.lst.scc

On 01/24/2012 05:46 PM, Nil Karavadara wrote:
> Hi,
> I have manged to boot barrelfish on SCC. My question is i have booted 
> barrelfish on two cores of SCC and i can see "Hello world" printed 
> once is this correct? (i think that core0 and core1 both will output 
> "Hello world" and i should see it twice on screen)
> Thank you.
> -- 
> Kind Regards,
> Nil Karavadara
> Centre for Computer Science and Informatics Research
> Science & Technology Research Institute
> University of Hertfordshire
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