[Barrelfish-users] Problems with the MMU and a different memory layout

Daniel Röhrig daniel.roehrig at mailbox.tu-berlin.de
Mon Jul 16 22:39:52 CEST 2012

Hey guys,

we've been trying (rather unsuccessfully) to get Barrelfish up and 
running on a slightly changed integratorcp board in qemu. The problem 
is, we don't have memory at 0x0. Our memory starts at 0x20000000. We 
changed the boot.S to reflect these changes but as soon as we enable the 
mmu we get an prefetch abortion. And honestly we are running out of 
ideas why this keeps happening. We stepped through the whole process in 
gdb but everything seems fine.

We would be very happy if somebody could take a look at our boot.S and 
point out the obvious mistake that we can't find.
Here's the link:


Thanks and cheers

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