[Barrelfish-users] Domain spanning + dmalloc

Chothia Zaheer zchothia at student.ethz.ch
Mon Feb 18 19:31:52 CET 2013


When Doug Lea's malloc is enabled, spanning a domain fails with either:

  Dispatcher assertion failed in domain_spanning3: ds != NULL, function domain_wakeup_on_coreid_disabled, file ../lib/barrelfish/domain.c, line 802.

... or this:

  ERROR: domain_spanning.0 in thread_mutex_unlock() ../lib/barrelfish/thread_sync.c:327
  ERROR: remote wakeup from mutex unlock
  Failure: (  libbarrelfish) There is no spanned dispatcher on the given core [LIB_ERR_NO_SPANNED_DISP]

Are these fundamentally incompatible or could dmalloc be setup differently?


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