[Barrelfish-users] starting scc core

Hegazi, Abdel Rahman Farag Abdel Hakim ahegazi at connect.hku.hk
Sun May 26 20:17:02 CEST 2013

A little question, Using the function rck_start_core() in
kernel/arch/scc/rck.c that we can only spawn and boot a new core "only from
core 0", but can we start a new core LATER assuming there are already so
many cores up and running assuming I didn't start all cores at the
beginning,  can we start a separate core later without reboot the whole
thing and add it to a current domain or even acts as a separate domain as I
don't see any implementation of that or I can't get it from the code, is
there any body can answer that?

Secondly, I can see that we can suspend dispatcher and resume it later, but
is it possible to migrate a dispatcher to some other core and then resume
it from there on some other cores belongs to the domain or on a new core
will be added later to this domain?

Thanks in advance,
Abdelrahman Hegazi
PhD student, Computer Science,
Faculty of Engineering,
Hong Kong University.
E-mail : abdo.hegazi at connect.hku.hk <ahegazi at hku.hk>
Mobile : (+852) 53053884
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