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Utsav Popli utsav2601 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 01:33:09 CET 2015

My name is Utsav Popli, I am a graduate student at San jose state
university. For my masters project our team has decided to work upon
Barellfish OS and develop an application prototype over it. We are looking
for help related to the barellfish OS as I was not able to find much
documentation over it.

To start with, I have some few question related to OS:

1. Does barellfish OS support TCP/IP communication ? If I want to send data
using the website will it be possible ?
2. If we want to program in Java or Node JS, what option we have and how
can we attain this ?
3 .How and what kind of support we can get from the related orgranization
like Microsoft research, HP labs etc.
As we do need some multi-core processors for running Barellfist OS.

Since we stay in San Jose, CA, USA. It would be nice if we can get any sort
of help locally as well.

It would be really grateful if you could help us out in any way.
Thank you.

Utsav Popli
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