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Reto Achermann reto.achermann at inf.ethz.ch
Thu Feb 5 09:20:02 CET 2015

Hi Utsav,

Thanks for your interest in Barrelfish.

To answer your technical questions:

1) yes, we support TCP/IP communication including NFS. We also have a 
web server in Barrelfish. However, your need to make sure that you use 
one of the supported NICs (Intel 1G and 10G cards are a good way to go)

2) We do not support Java officially, however there was work [1] on a 
JVM for Barrelfish. There is no support for Node JS. You will need to 
port it yourself (we have a POSIX compat layer).

A good way to start would be our public wiki [2] or the Barrelfish 
documentations [3].

-- Reto

[1] http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/events/sfma12/sfma12-maas.pdf
[2] http://wiki.barrelfish.org/Getting_Started
[3] http://www.barrelfish.org/#documentation

On 02/05/2015 01:33 AM, Utsav Popli wrote:
> My name is Utsav Popli, I am a graduate student at San jose state
> university. For my masters project our team has decided to work upon
> Barellfish OS and develop an application prototype over it. We are
> looking for help related to the barellfish OS as I was not able to find
> much documentation over it.
> To start with, I have some few question related to OS:
> 1. Does barellfish OS support TCP/IP communication ? If I want to send
> data using the website will it be possible ?
> 2. If we want to program in Java or Node JS, what option we have and how
> can we attain this ?
> 3 .How and what kind of support we can get from the related
> orgranization like Microsoft research, HP labs etc.
> As we do need some multi-core processors for running Barellfist OS.
> Since we stay in San Jose, CA, USA. It would be nice if we can get any
> sort of help locally as well.
> It would be really grateful if you could help us out in any way.
> Thank you.
> Regards
> Utsav Popli
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