[Barrelfish-users] New Barrelfish Release

Simon Gerber simon.gerber at inf.ethz.ch
Tue Jul 14 10:17:21 CEST 2015

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce a new release of the Barrelfish OS. Along with some
bugfixes this release introduces a new design for booting Xeon Phi cores in a
Barrelfish system as well as a Xeon Phi integration test.

As always, you can get the latest version by cloning or pulling from our
git repository [1].

-- Simon

[1] git://git.barrelfish.org/git/barrelfish

Reto Achermann (29):
      Xeon Phi: Removing duplicated headers
      hake: switching include paths and adding additional includes to K1om
      k1om: re-adding architecture dependent asm_inlines file for delay()
      testconcurrent: reordering includes
      weever: adding x86_64 includes to the hake file
      asmoffests: merging x86_64 and k1om preprocessor directives
      libconcurrent: add include file to stddbool into header.
      k1om: aliasing rdtscp with rdtsc
      kernel: removing duplicated headers for k1om
      hake: adding missing include path to the k1om kernel
      libbarrelfish: merging arch specific hearders for k1om and x86_64
      k1om kernel: adapting the changes of the x86_64 in init and startup arch
      coreboot: adding monitor rpc client to the hake file
      T125: network starup workaroud
      coreboot: adding missing if/ dependencies to Hakefile (octopus, acpi)
      kernel: zeroing out new memory allocated by phys_alloc
      k1om-release: fixing missing headers
      Xeon Phi boot: moving control from monitor to xeon phi driver
      Xeon Phi: adding functionality to suppress dma initialization
      harness: adding test for xeon phi boot
      DeviceDB: setting coreoffset to 10 in Xeon Phi driver.
      Kaluga: fix ARM build
      libtftp: initial commit of a simple tftp client library
      Xeon Phi boot: getting rid of the single boot image and dependencies
      Xeon Phi test: updating test suite to match the new boot loader interfacewq
      fixing debug printf in xeon phi boot
      kernel: adding padding for multi boot information to match size on all archs.
      harness: adding k1om to build archs for babybel adapting phi boot test
      Xeon Phi: fixing race condition when booting two cards simultaneously.

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