[Barrelfish-users] Barrelfish - LXC - Docker doubts

Reto Achermann reto.achermann at inf.ethz.ch
Mon Jul 27 08:35:37 CEST 2015

Hi Sagar,

Barrelfish gives you the ability to control the resources a process can 
access: you can implement policies that restrict your application to a 
certain range of memory or specify on which core you want to run.
Barrelfish's capabilities mostly refer to physical resources.

IPC: we use a DSL called Flounder [1] for IPC. New channels are set up 
based on irefs. Which are global.

We do not have a notion of users at this moment.

To sum up, there are some functionality available but no cgroups / 
chroot in general.

However, the opposit has been done: running Barrelfish in docker [2].

Porting new libraries etc. to Barrelfish can be done. We have a posix 
compatibility layer that abstracts some of the Barrelfish API behind the 
corresponding posix calls.

As far as I know, we have support for NFS and FAT32.

-- Reto

[1] http://www.barrelfish.org/TN-011-IDC.pdf
[2] https://github.com/brb/docker-barrelfish

On 27/07/15 04:19, sagar ruchandani wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to make some application on barrelfish.
> As a task, my professor asked me to figure out if something like Docker
> can be made on top of barrelfish.
> After some initial research I have few questions on barrelfish's
> capabilities.
> Linux Containers:
> 1. Does barrelfish have cgroups implemented?
> [
> cgroups:
> a. provides limitation and prioritization of resources (CPU,memory,
> block IO, network, etc.)
> b. namespace isolation (including process trees, networking, user ID's,
> mounted file systems):
> ● pid (processes)
> ● net (network interfaces, routing...)
> ● ipc (System V IPC)
> ● mnt (mount points, filesystems)
> ● uts (hostname)
> ● user (UIDs)
> ]
> 2. Is there any mounting point isolation facility like chroot jail?
> Docker:
> 3. I read somewhere that docker uses libvirt and systemd-nspawn to
> enhance the performance of container creation.
> Will it be feasible to port such a functionality with the current state
> of barrelfish?
> 4. Docker uses stacked file system UFS. I am expecting that such file
> system does not exist in barrelfish. Does it?
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Reto Achermann,

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