[Barrelfish-users] New Barrelfish Release

Simon Gerber simon.gerber at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Feb 24 09:37:52 CET 2016

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce a new release of the Barrelfish OS. Along
with the usual various bug fixes, this release includes a new
way of tracking virtual-to-physical mappings in the kernel, as well as an
update of newlib (our C library) and Doug Lea's malloc (dlmalloc), and ports
of a line editing library (linenoise, https://github.com/antirez/linenoise), a
multi-precision integer library (tommath,
https://github.com/libtom/libtommath), and clang's C runtime (compiler-rt).

As always, you can get the latest version by cloning or pulling from our
git repository [1].

-- Simon

[1] git://git.barrelfish.org/git/barrelfish

David Cock (3):
      Added a spinlock header for AArch64
      Add predependency on schema/cpuid.h for the SKB.
      Added toolchain definitions for Linaro 2015.08

Gerd Zellweger (18):
      Clean up formatting and comments for boot.S.
      Initial commit of CPU driver technote.
      Identity map the full 1 GiB range.
      Documentation: Described boot process of x86-64.
      Updated GDT, IDT layout.
      Update API.
      Documentation: Add syscalls.
      Documentation: Added Object invocation.
      Documentation: Added debug system call.
      Boxes for DEBUG calls.
      Documentation: Integrating sections into Specification.
      Documentation: Refactor APIs into specification tech-note.
      Initial import of linenoise library.
      Implement termios functionality for a better shell.
      Fix race condition in cap_delete.c
      Call bench_init() instead of bench_arch_init().
      Bugfix: Check monitor command line path.
      Remove terminal.if interface from public facing header file.

Lukas Humbel (5):
      T203 Fix null pointer for vmkit domain
      T203 vmkit test: fix menu.lst for serial output
      T203 vmkit bugfix for HW interrupts when in VM
      T203 remove virtual devices
      Fixed T203

Moritz Hoffmann (26):
      mdb_traverse: remove typedef for tree traversal direction
      hamlet, kpi types, caps: add pasid type
      Squashed 'lib/tommath/' content from commit 1bd1320
      Merge commit 'ff25fb56ec9a7500e39bd2e38e0c39429e4b0f09' as 'lib/tommath'
      Squashed 'lib/compiler-rt/' content from commit 7895f5b
      Merge commit 'f5164f1fc37fa077a55a52d479ac3ad8582289c8' as 'lib/compiler-rt'
      tommath: add Hakefile
      add compiler-rt Hakefile
      tommath: compile mersenne sample program
      compiler-rt: compile without touching source code by disabling warnings
      tommath: change Hakefile description
      compiler-rt: compile most builtins
      compiler-rt: compile arch-specific builtins
      compiler-rt: correct arch-specific compilation
      compiler-rt: compile builtins unit tests
      usleeptest: test that waits for specified amount of seconds
      compiler-rt: do not compile unsupported tests on Barrelfish
      compiler-rt: fix missing include
      newlib/libm: add missing files to Hakefile, enable _LDBL_EQ_DBL
      harness: test compiler-rt builtins
      tommath: add target for mont test
      tommath/mont: pass random see through arg on BF
      harness/tommath: add mont test
      Merge branch 'tommath'
      compiler-rt: disable trampoline_setup_test. Closes T206
      kaluga: Fix string formatting in debug code.

Reto Achermann (13):
      vspace: adding implementation for memobj_one_frame_one_map
      libnuma: make header c++ compatible
      posixcompat: check for NULL in pthread_create to avoid null-dereference
      memobj_one_frame_one_map: better return value for unmap
      hake: adding dependency generator for 32-bit C++
      libnuma: fix in determining the pagesize and the flags. closes T158
      libposixcompat: adding pthread_attr_destroy implementation
      spantest: adding tests for T194 and T193
      harness: adding tests for span interleave and span exit
      harness: bugfix in spantest
      spantest: adding a different printf for test finish marker
      harness: dealing with capturing aoutput after endstring in spantest
      serial: unify the kernel serial interface again

Simon Gerber (40):
      T187: Add get_address() as FFI call to fof and as address builtin to hamlet
      T187: Add Mapping cap types
      platforms: add VM tests to Hakefile
      x86: pmap: fix ptable cleanup code to use correct slot allocator
      T187: Update user code to supply extra slot for mapping in vnode_map()
      T187: kernel unmarshalling of mapping cap slot
      T187: kernel: add mapping cap commands (NYI)
      T187: x86_64: implement creation of mapping cap
      T187: Remove mapping_info and rewrite code that depended on it.
      T187: caps_copy_to_vnode: fix debug output
      T187: x86_64: squash capability size to 64 bytes
      T187: x86_64: reduce verbosity of mapping code + add better error handling.
      T187: improve VM kernel interface tests + add harness test
      T187: change vnode_unmap() to take ptable and mapping cap as arguments
      T187: Implement modify_flags() on mapping cap
      T187: change vnode_unmap() to only take ptable and mapping caps
      T187: fix sprint_cap() formatting
      T187: paging_generic: fix unmap_capability()
      T187: remove cap_copy() calls when mapping same frame multiple times
      T187: fix VM kernel interface test
      T187: Update x86_32 to mapping capability interface.
      platforms: Hakefile: append modules_common to modules_x86_32
      T187: armv7: migrate to mapping caps.
      kernel: 32bit: fix capability tracing
      T187: reorder CNode fields to not generate unaligned accesses
      Squashed 'lib/newlib/' changes from a4e9d13..80180c4
      Merge commit 'a7afb24e5eb95a02643cc2d7109e0d2c3fa66da0'
      harness: fix interactive tests (coreboot) to properly check for completion
      dmalloc: remove completely unnecessary orignb in bf_dmalloc_morecore
      newlib: do not ever expose C11's alloc_aligned() on Barrelfish.
      libnuma: fix format and variable mismatch in skb_read_list
      T187: Move aarch64 code to mapping caps
      T187: x86: add assertion about mapping cap being NULL to caps_copy_to_vnode
      T187: ARMv8: do not use syscall10 for invoke_vnode_map
      Merge branch 'mapping_caps'
      init: unify identical ifdef sections
      Add Physical ASID field to PhysAddr, RAM, Frame and DevFrame
      T207: Implement local_phys_is_valid() and call this in paging_dump_tables()
      kernel: x86_64: vmx: properly intialize val in vmx_read_msr()
      harness: run angler with termtype "dumb" for interactive tests: this disables fancy linenoise functionality

Zaheer Chothia (1):
      Upgrade Doug Lea's malloc to 2.8.6

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