[Barrelfish-users] New Barrelfish Release

Simon Gerber simon.gerber at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Jul 20 08:47:15 CEST 2016

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce a new release of the Barrelfish OS. Along with
various bug fixes and QoL improvements, this release includes further cleanup
in the ARMv7 CPU driver a new ARMv7 bootimage builder, support for the Xilinx
Zynq7000 board and some changes to Flounder in preparation for a new and
improved RPC system.

As always, you can get the latest version by cloning or pulling from our
git repository [1].

-- Simon

[1] git://git.barrelfish.org/git/barrelfish

Adam Turowski (2):
      Interface definitions: Changing calls/responses into messages.
      Removing trailing spaces.

David Cock (40):
      ARMv7: pruned unused devices from OMAP
      OMAP: Complete dynamic clock frequency probing.
      ARMv7: Rationalised coreboot structures.
      ARMv7: Enforce word-alignment for allocation.
      ARMv7: Update debug scripts to match renamings.
      ARMv7: Improved cache code.
      ARMv7: Moved MMU initialisation into C
      ARMv7: Separated pre-MMU init code
      ZYNQ: Added UART and System Control devices
      Zynq: initial image builds.
      Zynq: Serial console is up
      ARMv7: Make init code show up in .text for debugging
      ARMv7: QEmu target for Zynq
      ZYNQ: Clock tree probing.
      ARMv7: First prototype of a new bootloader for simulators
      ARMv7: New bootloader more or less works... a bit.
      ARMv7: CPU driver builds again - enough for testing.
      menu.lst parsing library
      ARMv7: Boot image now includes CPU driver
      ARMv7: new loader creates MB header
      ARMv7: Pass multiboot pointer through a symbol for prebuild images.
      ARMv7: Fill inter-segment gaps in the prebuilt image.
      ARMv7: New-style platform rule for a9ve
      ARMv7: CPU driver reinitialised UART and prints.
      ARMv7: a9ve boots and passes memtest again.
      ARMv7: All existing platforms boot again
      ZYNQ: Kernel boots as far as trying to spawn init.
      ZYNQ: We make it into init now.
      ZYNQ: Helps if the memory map is correct.
      ARMv7: Unified image rules, and added .bin target
      ARMv7: Brought usbboot into the Barrelfish tree.
      ARMv7: USB boot target for Pandaboard
      ARMv7: Removed tool hardcoding for usbboot build
      ARMv7: Tidied static bootloader code.
      ARMv7: Include boot driver section headers in boot image
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://code.systems.ethz.ch:8006/diffusion/BFI/barrelfish into zynq
      ARMv7: Fixed a trigger-happy assert in arm_bootimage
      Multiboot: Parse the "image" command.
      Zynq: got_base had KERNEL_OFFSET added twice.
      ARMv7: Made some improvements to usbboot.

Lukas Humbel (4):
      QEMU: Use a recent machine
      QEMU: Increase buffer size for PCI routing table
      QEMU: Don't fail on disable pci link device
      QEMU: Use generic machine name

Moritz Hoffmann (1):
      skb: remove old eclipseclp

Reto Achermann (6):
      [libbarrelfish] don't abort in morecore when failed
      [libbarrelfish] allocating the proper size of memory for the structure
      [Flounder] removing call/response message types from parser
      [Flounder] removing arch and platform files for no-longer supported ARM versions.
      [tools] extending qemu-wrapper with ARMv8 support
      [platforms] adding ARMv8 qemu targetse to platforms/Hakefile

Roni Häcki (2):
      Device Queue: added header file for device queue interface
      e1000: changed net constant so e1000n works again with qemu.

Simon Gerber (8):
      T259: monitor: properly initialize capops delete state
      T259: Unconditionally reset multihop binding capst.tx_capnum
      T263: Refactor retype() to allow object sizes < BASE_PAGE_SIZE for non-mappable types
      armv7: make compile on Ubuntu 14.04 (GCC 4.8.2)
      kernel: k1om: Update spawn_* functions to match new signature
      harness: armv7: fix image names in harness machines
      armv7: harness: fix FVP and qemu machines.
      harness: fix pandaboard machine

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