[Barrelfish-users] Scheduler Manifests

Felix Pepinghege barrelfish at pepinghege.net
Wed Jul 20 19:21:18 CEST 2016

Hi everybody!

I recently searched for documentation on how cores are managed and 
allocated for new domains in Barrelfish. In the process I found the 
concept of the "scheduler manifest", briefly described in the paper 
"Design principles for end-to-end multicore schedulers" and the PhD 
thesis "Resource Management in a Multicore Operating System", both by 
Peter Simon.

Unfortunately, the concept received no intense coverage in either of 
these two publications. As far as my understanding goes, the scheduler 
manifest is a string containing constraints which in turn describe the 
requirements of the application. These constraints are then resolved 
using the eclipse framework.
However, other questions are still open to me:
- which constraints does the framework support?
- are the constraints resolved using a parallel or a sequentiel algorithm?
As I am not familiar with the Cclipse framework or the Barrelfish code, 
I would rather avoid searching for the answers to these questions in the 
source code, as I have to resolve my own time constraints :)

So my modest question is if a) there is further documentation on the 
subject which I haven't found, or if b) someone would be as kind as to 
answer these two questions above.

Any help is much appreciated (including, of course, hints on where to 
search or who to ask).

Best regards,


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