[Barrelfish-users] Small fixes on device driver documentation

Rodrigo Siqueira rodrigosiqueiramelo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 12:35:03 CET 2016


When I was reading the device driver documentation I have found some small
problems, follow:

1 - In Chapter 2, second paragraph, in the sentence: "... build system. We
wil look ...". I believe it is a paragraph after '.'
2 - In Chapter 2, ninth paragraph, first sentence: "For the the FDIF
device...". Double 'the'.
3 - In Chapter 3, Section 3.1, first paragraph, in the sentence: "... as a
part of Adrian Schüpbach's Phd thesis []". Missing the reference.
4 - In chapter 4, First paragraph, in the sentence: "In this chapter

Just one final suggestion, I believe that will be nice if introduction
section have an image to show how SKB, Octopus, and Kaluga interact with
each other.

I already applied the corrections and added here as a patch.

Best regards

Rodrigo Siqueira
Graduate Student
Department of Computer Science
University of São Paulo
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