[Barrelfish-users] How to run Linux applications over barrelfish using VMM

Lukas Humbel lukas.humbel at inf.ethz.ch
Tue Oct 25 16:33:58 CEST 2016


There are currently no plans to merge the changes from my master's
thesis. It is only needed if you want to provide multiple CPUs to the
guest operating system. If you need that, I'm happy to provide the
source code, if not, I suggest using vmkit as it is in the current tree.
It does not need these invocations because we set up the virtual machine
as a special type of domain (which is "the closest thing to a process in
Barrelfish"), and the VMENTER happens implicitly on the scheduling of
such a domain.

Out of curiosity, may I ask you what applications you plan to run in the
VM? You must be aware that vmkit is rather basic, and there are almost
no emulated devices.


On 25.10.2016 13:20, Kosyrev Serge wrote:
> Kosyrev Serge writes:
>> At Wed Mar 18 10:31:09 CET 2015 Gerd Zellweger wrote:
> ...
>>> http://www.barrelfish.org/ma-humbell-final.pdf
>> The last paper mentions introducing two capabilities, VMSETUP and VMENTER,
>> but I don't see them in capabilities/caps.hl, which I get as that work
>> wasn't merged into mainline Barrelfish.
> Oh, pardon me, those were cap invocations -- the mentioned capability was VMM,
> but it isn't there either..
>> Are there plans to do that?

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