[Barrelfish-users] How to port current Barrelfish OS on the x86_64 Gem5 simulator

Reto Achermann reto.achermann at inf.ethz.ch
Mon Jan 9 14:12:04 CET 2017

Hi Shuangxi,

thanks for your e-mail. Please write further questions to the barrelfish 
mailing list: barrelfish-users at lists.inf.ethz.ch

Unfortunately, I am not too familiar with the gem5 simulator. I've 
forwarded your e-mail to the mailing list. As a general hint: you may 
look at the ARM targets for the GEM5 simulator as a starting point.

In case you find bugs / get it working we are looking forward to your 

Let us know about further questions you have we are happy to provide 

-- Reto

barrelfish-users at lists.inf.ethz.ch

On 08/01/17 09:30, shuangxi wang wrote:
> Dear Dr. Achermann,
> Sorry to disturb you in the weekend days, I am doing some research work on your
> barrelfish OS and gem5; I want to port the bf OS on the gem5 x86_64 arch, but it
> seems that the current official Barrelfish OS do not support the x86 gem5 now.
> Could you help me? Maybe I am not familiar with the latest bf OS.
> Thanks a lot,
> Best regards,
> Shuangxi Wang
> MSc student, System Research Group,
> Department of Computer Science,
> the University of Hong Kong

ETH Zürich
Reto Achermann
CAB E 69
Universitätstrasse 6
8092 Zürich

Tel: +41 44 633 70 15


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