[Oberon] Re (2): Bluebottle OS available

muller at inf.ethz.ch muller at inf.ethz.ch
Tue Jul 9 21:42:26 CEST 2002

On 12 Jun 2002, Stefan Salewski <Salewski at PHYSnet.Uni-Hamburg.de> wrote:
> Which file have I to edit to change network settings
> like IP-Address? There is http://bluebottle.ethz.ch/Current/Aos.Par
> but I cant find a file Aos.Par on the Bluebottle partition.

(I thought someone else would answer this earlier...)

The IP settings are configured at boot time, so it depends how 
you are booting the system.

If you are booting via DOS noboot.exe, you have a DOS-based ASCII
config file aos.par that contains the parameters.

If you are booting directly from the partition, the settings
are in the partition itself.  To edit them:

1. OFSTools.Watch (to see your boot partition, the one called AOS)
2. Partitions.GetConfig ^ (select the partition name, e.g. IDE2#5)

This produces a text containing the current settings.  Edit them
and execute the Partitions.SetConfig command at the top of the text
to store them.

The most important TCP/IP settings are LinkDevice, LocalIP, LocalName,
Netmask, Gateway, Domain, DNS0.  They are documented in the Aos.Par
file, which is also available on the default file system.

> How can I stop the moving skeleton or the moving bunny?

I think the button for this was left out of the menu by accident.

To stop all animations ("bunnies"), in AosTools.Tool, execute 
Aos.Call Bunny.Free ~

You can also type the Bunny.Free command in the command launcher.

-- Pieter

Pieter Muller, Computer Systems Institute, ETH Zurich / MCT Lab, Zurich
Native Oberon OS: http://www.oberon.ethz.ch/native/

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