[Oberon] Bluebottle installation

Gérard Meunier gmeunier at club-internet.fr
Thu Jan 2 01:31:41 CET 2003

> > By the way, I wrote a little text in the editor. I saved it, but
> > open it in Oberon later. Tricks? The editor saw it, but not Oberon.
> Maybe there is an export problem. Can you open it with Hex.Open ?
> Oberon Text-Format is not the internal format of the Editor.
> Internally it works with Unicode (TestEditor.Mod only exports loading
> and saving in Oberon format).
> I will have a look at it, next week.

I tried again this manipulation but didn't get the same problem. So...

> > Yes, it was an update. I noticed nothing during installation, but I paid
> no
> > much attention. I'll try again. If some thing must be erased before,
> > files do you suggest?
> Some files like
> AText.Mod/.Obx
> WMXMLComponents.Mod/.Obx
> WMM.Mod/.Obx
> can be removed but there is no need to do this except for diskspace
> and cleanup.

After reinstallation, I got the same problem. I recompiled OFSTools and,
after that, no more problem. Very strange.

If I wish to read some doc about Bluebottle, where is the entry point? Could
you give any links, inside or outside the release?



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