[Oberon] Dual head support in BlueBottle/Native Oberon ?

Thomas Frey frey at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Jan 15 22:48:29 CET 2003

> The original Ceres Oberon supported - to my spare knowledge -
> dual headed displays (at least one color and one black & white).
> Is there any support in Native Oberon or BlueBottle for two
> graphics cards ?
In Bb it is in theory possible to have many graphics cards. The
 monitor arrangement can be as you like. 

The practical problem is to initialize more than one graphics 
card. Since VESA 2/3 modes can only be initialized at boot time
only the first card may be a VESA card
--> A "real" video driver is needed for all the other cards (which
 practically limits the additional cards to Permedia2)

Additional "graphics devices" can also be VNC network 
connections --> a spare windows/linux machine can be (ab)used 
as a "screen" ;-)

I've tried a Setup with a VESA, a Permedia2 and 3 VNC views
at the same time with no problems, resulting in my arrangement 
in a very long display.

The module (WMDisplayInstaller) to add an additional 
physical video card to the displayspace is currently not in the 
release. (It needs some small adaption to the new window 
Please write an email if it is needed.

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To err is human, to forgive, beyond the scope of the operating system. 

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