[Oberon] Re: Dual head support in BlueBottle/Native Oberon ?

Bernhard Treutwein BdT at wildwein.de
Wed Jan 15 23:16:25 CET 2003

Thomas Frey wrote:

> In Bb it is in theory possible to have many graphics cards. The
>  monitor arrangement can be as you like. 

> The practical problem is to initialize more than one graphics 
> card. Since VESA 2/3 modes can only be initialized at boot time
> only the first card may be a VESA card
> --> A "real" video driver is needed for all the other cards (which
>  practically limits the additional cards to Permedia2)

that is really good news, esp. since my second graphics card
is a Permedia2 based card (Elsa Winner 2000/office ViVo)
and this second card has some real bios problems (it traps
from the bios during System.Quit/System.Reboot).

I wanted to contacted Elsa directly, but they went out of
service and the New Elsa has moved the support for old
products to a 0190 telefone number, which is blocked by 
my private telefone provider and my employer :-(

> Additional "graphics devices" can also be VNC network 
> connections --> a spare windows/linux machine can be (ab)used 
> as a "screen" ;-)

do I unerstand you correctly: 

1. There is now also a VNC server, even more good news :-)
2. Knoppix (www.knoppix.de) a CD based debian woody linux 
would be usable as yet another screen for BlueBottle ?

regards and thanks for the really quick answer
    Bernhard Treutwein
    BdT at wildwein.de (home)
    Bernhard.Treutwein at verwaltung.uni-muenchen.de (work)

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