[Oberon] Configuring mail under Bluebottle

Pieter Muller pieter.muller at alumni.ethz.ch
Mon Jan 20 22:20:04 CET 2003

mcintosh at vima.austin.tx.us wrote:
> I notice from a test message that the Received line identifies my machine as
>   Received: from x.oberon.ethz.ch (sci1355d1-am.mrs.umn.edu [])
> I looked in Oberon.Text and AosConfig.XML to see where to initialize this information, 
> but right now I don't know.

NetSystem.Start (see Aos.NetSystem.Mod) tries the following in order 
until one succeeds:

1. It checks the NetSystem.LocalName setting in Oberon.Text
2. Does a reverse DNS lookup using the configured IP address
3. Sets it to "x.oberon.ethz.ch".

> System.State AosDNS ~ shows that 	domain = "mrs.umn.edu"

This is something different, the domain name of the computer.

> 1.  How do I configure Mail.Panel?

See above.

> 2.  Where should I read machine name and domain for new software.  

Not sure what you mean here, but the above setting is not too important. 
  Everything should work with the default.

-- Pieter

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