[Oberon] Hardware 3D Acc.

Thomas Frey frey at inf.ethz.ch
Mon Jan 20 23:41:17 CET 2003

> Which (if any) cards/chipsets are supported for hardware 3D acceleration
in BlueBottle?  What 3D APIs are implemented?
There are none. The HW manufacturers try to keep their specs secret :-(
There is an experimental API...
search for
This will give you 3 example programs and the API.
(It's just a toy but it's very simple and expandable)

> Also, how portable should the BlueBottle codebase be to other nonintel
It is already ported for StrongARM (little-endian) and XSCALE(big-endian).
There are two major tasks in porting the system :
1. write new backend for PACO
2. port lower kernel modules.


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