[Oberon] Hardware 3D Acc.

John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 21 16:50:10 CET 2003

What about the Permedia 2?  That 3D chipset has
been supported in Native Oberon before BlueBottle
was released.  There was also writtena 3D graphics
language called OGL that was designed to be
portable, but only works with Permedia 2 at theis
point.  As for the specs of graphics cards not 
being available, that's only partially true.  
Thanks to Linux the source code for many 
advanced graphics cards such as the NVidia 
chips are freely available.  Now the problem 
is you have to wade through thousands of lines 
of ugly C code just to figure out what could 
have likely been documented in a few pages of 
plane text.  I've downloaded the NVidia code 
myself, but I haven't taken the time
yet to seriously look at it.  Is anyone else
interested?  If BlueBottle had drivers for 
NVidia and ATI chips it would be well 
positioned in the 3D graphics arena.


John M. Drake

--- Thomas Frey <frey at inf.ethz.ch> wrote:
> > Which (if any) cards/chipsets are supported for
> hardware 3D acceleration
> in BlueBottle?  What 3D APIs are implemented?
> There are none. The HW manufacturers try to keep
> their specs secret :-(
> There is an experimental API...
> search for
> W3D*.Mod
> This will give you 3 example programs and the API.
> (It's just a toy but it's very simple and
> expandable)
> > Also, how portable should the BlueBottle codebase
> be to other nonintel
> platforms?
> It is already ported for StrongARM (little-endian)
> and XSCALE(big-endian).
> There are two major tasks in porting the system :
> 1. write new backend for PACO
> 2. port lower kernel modules.
> --Thomas
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