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mcintosh at vima.austin.tx.us mcintosh at vima.austin.tx.us
Thu Jan 23 01:17:50 CET 2003

> John M. Drake wrote

> Version 2.3 doesn't automatically put them in, but
> you can insert them by selecting the errors and
> clicking Builder.MarkErrors from the "Compiler"
> menu in the Programming.Tool.

Thanks.  This lead me to a good environment.

Under the BlackBox May 22, 2002 release:
	Programming.Tool	is not present
	The Desktops.OpenDoc ^ viewer doesn't appear to edit its popup menus.
	The Edit.Open window does not appear, well, to have extensive functionality.
	  This appears to be the window opened with the MM+MR command from System.Log.
	    (I use System.Log extensively as a scratch pad.)

	Builder.Tool is present.	
Working in the Desktops.OpenDoc ^ viewer and executing Builder.Compile * from the System.Log or the Builder.Tool
, the overall "look and feel" is familiar, ... including many active error elements :-(


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