[Oberon] Programming Editor

Pieter Muller pieter.muller at alumni.ethz.ch
Thu Jan 23 21:22:24 CET 2003

mcintosh at vima.austin.tx.us wrote:
> Under the BlackBox May 22, 2002 release:

I assume you mean Bluebottle ;-)

> 	Programming.Tool	is not present

It uses the Popups.Tool from Native Oberon, which includes all the usual 
functionality in a single tool with popup menus.

> 	The Desktops.OpenDoc ^ viewer doesn't appear to edit its popup menus.

Not sure what you mean.

> 	The Edit.Open window does not appear, well, to have extensive functionality.

Edit.Open is there for "backward compatibility", since some people 
wanted it.  Personally, I would (almost) never use it.  Exceptions are 
in very low-memory environments, which don't really exist any more :-)

> 	  This appears to be the window opened with the MM+MR command from System.Log.
> 	    (I use System.Log extensively as a scratch pad.)

Hint: Execute the following command from the end of System.Tool:
   Configuration.DoText LoadGadgets.Text

This loads a slightly more friendly environment.  The same holds for 
Native Oberon, if you have Gadgets installed.  Then MM+MR on the log 
will also open a friendlier editor.

-- Pieter

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