[Oberon] Tabs in Script or TextDocs

Pieter Muller pieter.muller at alumni.ethz.ch
Thu Jan 23 23:16:48 CET 2003

pat at picoworks.com wrote:
> Has Script or TextDocs been extended anywhere to handle
> right, center or decimal tabs?  "Compiler Construction" by
> Dr Wirth, produced on Oberon, shows right tabs in the
> table of contents but it may have been produced on V4.


1. In a TextDoc, press Ctrl-Enter to insert a Style Gadget (or use 
Gadgets.Insert TextStyle ~).
2. Clicking above the line at the left or right changes the text 
alignment: left, right or center.  Experiment with it.  Clicking in the 
middle of the line toggles page breaking (solid line).
3. Clicking MM-ML below the line sets tabs (which are only visible with 
left alignment).  MM moves a tab.  To delete it, move it away to the right.

Script works exactly the same, but use Script.NewStyle (in the title 
bar) to insert a style.

-- Pieter

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