[Oberon] Some questions about BB evolution.

Yuri M. Skripkah yurix at i.com.ua
Fri Jan 24 11:02:52 CET 2003

Hello , All.
Glad to see activity in mail list -
this is right sign what great work continued.
I have some questions about BB.
a) Aos look as good system. Thanks Pieter and others.
But without application it will die. Native BB application
will be late (may be...) Now  primary application is
Oberon system. But it not use new features from BB
and still one task, one window. <b>Is anybody planing
what Oberon active documents, modules etc. must (if need and explicit) have
own task in BB? And visually own window like Plug-in Oberon?</b>
b) Simply porting application look not reasonable - we already
have BSD, Linux ,(Windows, at all) where a lot of application
work fine in C/Unix environment and emulate env. is not good idea.
( Except learning purposes ) Who need Apache-featured web-server under
BB if we have Apache under Unix?
<b>In which fields BB application will use, as suppose it
If it will simply general purposes - without strong rules
it will garbage bin ( Linux) and simply written on 'Pascal'
( Linux 'garbage' sometimes very useful, sure, but huge and knotty)
c) This question preferably to Thomas. Build from Jan,14th
have better speed. But I not understood, why program using
assembler really slower than Win(tm) and X analogies.
(I'm not a programmer and reading sources can't help me :()
Only differences at user look is transparency. Of course,
I can use more powerful CPU. But. Do You like intention make
redraw window after dragging or scrolling desktop? As is in other
This setting will useful for all cases of slow or loaded CPU.
I know what You very busy. This is for uncertain future.

Best regards,
 Yuri, lazy user                          mailto:yurix at i.com.ua

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