[Oberon] Some questions about BB evolution.

John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 24 18:32:44 CET 2003

--- "Yuri M. Skripkah" <yurix at i.com.ua> wrote:

> b) Simply porting application look not reasonable -
> we already
> have BSD, Linux ,(Windows, at all) where a lot of
> application
> work fine in C/Unix environment and emulate env. is
> not good idea.
> ( Except learning purposes ) Who need
> Apache-featured web-server under
> BB if we have Apache under Unix?

Apache has much room for improvement.  Personally
I like Zope a lot better.   Much easier to understand
but it has relatively poor performance.  The web
server in BlueBottle is very important because it
shows Oberon running a "real" application.  There
have been several other truly "innovative" apps
that have run exclusively under Oberon systems
such as the Lola hardware design system or the
Switcherland system, but the usual reaction seems
to be "that's nice, but I'll wait on the Unix
or Winblows equivalent."  Novel apps are nice
but "ported" apps are good too.  Now that Oberon
has XML support it would be good to see 
applications like Jabber and XML/RPC running
on Oberon.

Oberon has several potential advantages in the
websever arena.  For one thing it compiles so fast
that one can almost think of it as an interpreted
language, but a very efficient one.  This is the
approach used at Linz university for implementing
an object oriented database system on top of V4.
SQL commands are converted to Oberon modules using
Coco and then compiled, loaded and executed on
the fly.  Add to that the fact that the JVM Jaos
is already available for Oberon and you potentially
get the best of both worlds.  A BlueBottle
webserver could serve both it's own active
web pages as well as JSPs.


John M. Drake

> <b>In which fields BB application will use, as
> suppose it
> programmers?</b>
> If it will simply general purposes - without strong
> rules
> it will garbage bin ( Linux) and simply written on
> 'Pascal'
> ( Linux 'garbage' sometimes very useful, sure, but
> huge and knotty)
> c) This question preferably to Thomas. Build from
> Jan,14th
> have better speed. But I not understood, why program
> using
> assembler really slower than Win(tm) and X
> analogies.
> (I'm not a programmer and reading sources can't help
> me :()
> Only differences at user look is transparency. Of
> course,
> I can use more powerful CPU. But. Do You like
> intention make
> redraw window after dragging or scrolling desktop?
> As is in other
> GUIs?
> This setting will useful for all cases of slow or
> loaded CPU.
> I know what You very busy. This is for uncertain
> future.
> -- 
> Best regards,
>  Yuri, lazy user                         
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