[Oberon] Some questions about BB evolution.

Thomas Frey frey at inf.ethz.ch
Fri Jan 24 11:27:19 CET 2003

> c) This question preferably to Thomas. Build from Jan,14th
> have better speed. But I not understood, why program using
> assembler really slower than Win(tm) and X analogies.

There are many reasons. The most important routines still need to be 
written in assembler (only one out of 4 is). I have only rearranged the 
oberon code a bit to make the compiler produced code faster. (Asm 
would still gain more than a factor of 4 with MMX).

> (I'm not a programmer and reading sources can't help me :()
> Only differences at user look is transparency. 
Semi-transparency is very slow to calculate (do you have a 
MMX enabled processor ?)

The only two things that are slower are filtered-zooming and
(slowest) semi-transparent-filtered-zooming.

> Of course,
> I can use more powerful CPU. But. Do You like intention make
> redraw window after dragging or scrolling desktop? As is in other
> GUIs?
Maybe I will reduce the quality while dragging windows. This will help
much in zoomed situations.


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