[Oberon] Defining code for MM + MR

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Sat Jan 25 20:25:33 CET 2003

Aubrey McIntosh wrote:

> In V4, the "Viewers" each have "Handlers" and it is the
> procedure Handle where the MM+MR interclick is interpreted.
> I looked at the S3 (BlueBottle 5/22/02) procedure TextFrames.Handle, which 
> handles the type Oberon.InputMsg with the procedure TextFrames.Edit.  
> In that procedure, the keys variable handles the various mouse clicks.

OK, that explains it.

> The MM+MR command, for example, is located deep under
>     IF X < F.X + Min(F.left, barW) THEN 
>     ...
>     ELSE
>     ...
>       ELSIF 1 IN Keys THEN  
>       ...
>           IF (pos >= 0) & ~(2 IN keysum) THEN CallCmd(OpenCmd, F, pos, FALSE) END

Yes in PROCEDURE Edit*,  also CONST OpenCmd = "Edit.Open";
 is what makes MM+MR open an "Edit.Open" frame type.

And for Script.Open types, the coding is very similar except that:
   CONST OpenCmd = "Script.Open".

But ET.Mod has many calls to TextFrames.Handle(p1,p2).
So it is seen that ET would be expected to spawn Edit.Open frame types
from MM+MR.    

It could be a big job to change it ?

-- Chris Glur.

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