[Oberon] Some questions about BB evolution.

Yuri M. Skripkah yurix at i.com.ua
Mon Feb 3 18:33:55 CET 2003

Hello, Patrik.

You wrote 30 Jan 2003 y., 9:49:13:
PR> Making Gadgets thread-safe is not easy. The main problem are the messages
PR> among gadgets: the implementation is specific (optimized) for a
PR> non-concurrent system, and changing this seems to be rather difficult.
Sorry, what I'm not programmer at all....only interested user.
PR> I would rather consider Oberon System 3 as a closed project. This means that
PR> the code is stable and won't change in the future (but for bug fixes). ETH
PR> or anybody interested in the project may decide otherwise, but I don't think
PR> so.
I'm not about S3 herself. I'm about: Do You know, is anybody, who
mean, what system like S3 (componented, rational, with specific and
well GUI), but used BB kernel and multitasking, need  and CAN make it?
PR> Well, keep on doing a good job and people will notice.
Sure! Thanks for You care.

Best regards,
 Yuri                          mailto:yurix at i.com.ua

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