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Fri Jan 24 22:52:14 CET 2003

Aubrey McIntosh wrote:

> > Can some kind soul provide a Tool (or name some existing ones) that
> > have a few relevant commands for the { Edit Compile } Store cycle?
> I got no reply to the same questions.
> Eth 'insiders' are obviously hiding the good stuff from us.
> I recently revisited 1980's DOS Turbo-Pascal Edit/Compile/Store
> facilities  - much more productive than what I have to use with S3.

John M. Drake wrote:

> First of all I'm in no way an ETH "insider" yet
> I'm very much aware of the tools ET and PET.
> ET is available from the Applications.Tool that
> comes installed with EVERY S3 implementation!
> PET can be downloaded from Oberon PUBLIC FTP
> site:
> ftp://ftp.inf.ethz.ch/pub/ETHOberon/Contrib/Pet/
> That being said I rarely use PET or ET.  I find
> the default tools sufficient and FAR BETTER than
> TP for DOS!  I use TextPopups.Tool (again it's
> available to all) to navigate my source code.

I skipped this because:
* It doesn't open clean with Edit.Open  - All *.Tool which don't need 
    'hot links' should run under the minimum system
* Desktops.OpenDoc TextPopups.Tool doesn't word-wrap and overflows
      the VGA 80 char width of the UserTrak.  There should be a spec. for
      *.Tool width, which is complied with.
*  It reads:"..when clicking outside the text."
   1. n-o doesn't "click"; Microsoft does.
   2. outside the text"  was not understood.

> With 2 mouse clicks I can immediately jump to
> any procedure or type defined in the module I'm
> working on.  

I don't have leisure to browse, surf or try applications which have 
doubtful usefulness;  so I appreciate your description what 
TextPopups.Tool can do.  { That's the point that I was trying to
make to Peter Easthope: his donated pointers from having 'gone
ahead' are cost effective contributions to those who come behind.}

> Tools.OpenMod lets me jump
> directly to procedures defined in other modules,
> provided that the module name isn't aliased.

That seems marvelous. I have no Tools.OpenMod  ?!!

> When programming under S3 I usually have the the
> Programming.Tool open in the system track so that I have 
> direct access to the Watson and Builder tools.

I have no Programming.Tool .
Watson is in my <personal>.Tool and Popup would provide all the
Builder.<commands> ?

Please tell more about Tools.OpenMod .

With your description of what TextPopups.Tool can do, I spent time
to discover:
1. Edit.Open type files are not handled.
2. "clicking outside the text" means: 'in a Desktops.OpenDoc type
text, hold down MM (1.5 secs. seems a long time - definitely not a
'click'), in an area free of 'visible' text (spaces qualify).

But still for my version alpha?beta 2001:-

* SYS:TGZ.Mod   >  Compiler.Compile *  ==  compiling TGZ   1940 == OK.

* Devlp:CRGtrace.Mod > popupMenu == writes to System.Log:  
   "pos  11981  err   3	illegal character in string"
without any menu selection !!
Yet  <mark>  Compiler.Compile *  writes:
   "compiling CRGtrace (in use)    2016".

So Compiler.Compile * via the popupMenu has a problem, with a source
which Compiler.Compile * from the mouse compiles/runs.
I.e. the popupMenu writes an 'err   3'  *before* any selection for this
particular source.

Then when I introduce an error, popupMenu > Builder.NextError
does'nt show it, but instead leaves a red arrow at the chosen 
location of "clicking outside the text".

It's interesting that the deficiency in the edit/compile/save tools
is rectified by a 'gotcha' which has the main features of TP for DOS.
But I think TP stacked the texts - not save/retieve files.  When I
pop the unsaved SYS:TGZ.Mod, my introduced error is lost.

Of course the ability to pick PROCS and TYPES is great.
But unless I can locate errors (as Edit.Locate can do) I can't use 
the TextPopups.Tool .

-- Chris Glur.

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