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Thu Feb 13 17:08:04 CET 2003


cg> * After a ppp session, V24.Panel cannot be opened - need to first re-boot.
> * Apparently V24.Panel wants the port to be found as being closed ?
> * I use this: 
> PROCEDURE CloseCOM2*; ...

This Remove procedure is from PPPMain.Mod.
Note Edgar's comment.

	(* Remove - Remove the PPP-Instance completely *)
	PROCEDURE Remove*(VAR id:PPPid);
	BEGIN Stop(id);
(*es??? no unistall for devices in NetBase found 
		id.task.UnInstall;	(* Remove Task *)
	END Remove;

Chris, are you and Edgar referring to the 
same defect?  Perhaps Pieter can incorporate
a repair in NetBase in the next release.  If
that works we can proceed to use it in V24
and PPP.

cg> I can't reset/initialise a modem more than by powering-down.

If your dial script contains ATZ that should
reset the modem each time Dialer.Dial is 

Regards,       Peter E.

Peter Easthope

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